Super Mario Run Gameplay and Our Impression

To doubt the quality of a game developed by Nintendo is little more than a recklessness, but we have to admit that we went to try Super Mario Run with some fear and some reluctance. Not because we doubt the ability of the great N to make a good game for mobile, but rather the limitations of the format, which usually shows us that it is not easy to offer games with complex or demanding mechanics on a touch screen.

The first thing they wanted to make clear from Nintendo is that Super Mario Run is not an endless runner, even though Mario runs automatically. Here there are perfectly designed levels, there are moments for the pause, in which Mario stops, and a multitude of collectibles, that make us have to learn the phases of memory and discover each one of its nooks, playing again and again to find All the secrets.

Mario rests on his enemies and performs a type of acrobatics that he had never seen in the saga.

It is played with only one hand, and with a simple touch on the screen Mario gives his lifelong leap, and if we leave the finger pressed, gives a higher and longer jump. When we are in the air, if we press the screen, Mario turns on himself, and this serves to prolong the jump a small distance, which will save our skins on more than one occasion, when we have misjudged the distances. We can chain several jumps to make a third bigger jump, we bounce on the walls to ascend or reach new areas, and it seems that lying with a single finger on the touch screen can do so many things.

The gameplay works perfectly, the physics and rhythms are the ones we are accustomed to in Mario in 2D (in its most recent aspect, New Super Mario Bros.), and the other great strength of the game is the design of Levels, surprisingly good, taking into account the limitations of his approach, in which Mario runs alone. With more motives than ever, each platform, enemy and coin are placed in a millimeter way to form a perfect harmony, and that we can chain chains in search of the perfect game.

At least in the first worlds, finishing the phases is not too complicated, and the grace is to find the five pink coins of each level, which we have to collect in a single tour, it is not worth taking them in different games. If we have left a back by a hair, we do not have to restart the level, but we can click on the icon of a bubble at the top of the screen, which takes Mario backwards on stage, allowing us to choose where We want to reappear. A resource that can not be abused, since we can only do this twice per level.

In Super Mario Run there are no lives, the reappearances are unlimited, but as we have checked the time to finish the phases is quite tight, and we can not entertain too much. When we have managed to get the five pink coins in a single route, we will unlock the five purple coins, which appear in much more complicated positions to get. And if we do with these, we will unlock the five black coins, even more difficult. This makes each level very replayable, and we were surprised how complicated it can become Super Mario Run if we want to pass the phases to 100%. Of course you can always opt for generator sites to get you super mario run unlimited coins hack so you don’t have to worry about a thing. They can even unlock the whole game free but I guess that will have to wait for another post in the near future.

Thus they have achieved two layers of depth: on the one hand a game for all audiences, accessible to anyone given its formula of play so simple, and almost anyone can finish the levels without too many problems, at least in the first worlds. On the other hand, thanks to the collection of the secret coins, we have a very challenging platform, perfect for the most demanding players, and we assure you that simply to complete the first three levels to 100% we spend the money.

All this is found in Worlds mode, the main or traditional so to speak, which will consist of 24 levels spread over 6 worlds. These have the different themes of the saga, and we were surprised by the ingenious level design of the second world, the Haunted Mansion. They have managed to mold with a lot of ingenuity in a runner the usual labyrinths, doors that give us access to other places, traps and all those nice ghosts lurking and playing with us.

Another important detail in the design of the game is that when designed for the screen format of mobile phones, the levels are more vertical than ever, and this takes a lot to place elements at different heights, and that the scenarios of a Super Mario look wider than ever. There are also a lot of platforms, items and activators unpublished in the saga so far, some that stop the advance of Mario, and give us a few seconds to take a breath and think.

Each world has three main phases, and a fourth that is an end boss, composed of a minifase until we reach it. How have they been able to create final bosses on an automatic scrolling platform? Well you’ll find out when you play the game, but basically making the virtue of necessity, and starting from the limitation of the format have designed a game full of good ideas and that in a way feels like something fresh inside the saga, something different.

In addition to the traditional phases, we also have the Racing mode, in which we will compete against friends or players from around the world, trying to overcome their scores. Levels of this mode are generated randomly, taking fragments of the scenarios of Worlds mode, and every time we want to play a game in Racing mode we will have to consume a ticket, obtained by completing worlds or in the minigames of your kingdom.

It is a race against time against the ghost of other players, and the goal is to beat the scores, getting the most coins, performing tricks and stunts and ultimately playing the best possible, while receiving the approval of the Toads, Which we can recruit for our kingdom.

Finally, we have the My Kingdom mode, which with all the coins we get in other ways, and with the Toads that we recluses in Races, we will have to build a castle and its surroundings little by little, placing buildings and others objects. There will be more than 100 different items to place, and some hide minigames inside, where we can get tickets (needed to play in the Race mode) and more coins.

We did not have much time to delve into this mode, but it seems that it will be the one that will add the collecting layer to the game, and that we do not want to stop playing until we have unlocked everything. Among the most curious unlockables, we will have the possibility to play with Luigi, Yoshi and Toad, who are not just an appearance, and have different characteristics, such as speed, weight and jumping ability, so playing with each character will be different.

Date, price and bad news

Although when it was announced that Super Mario Run was going to cost 10 euros a lot of people thought it too expensive, just play 5 minutes to realize that this is a game of high quality, which we will want to have on our iPhone. Graphic quality, good gameplay, great design levels and ultimately the traditional good Nintendo do, carried to mobile phones (and tablets, as it is also compatible with iPad, and looks great). To enjoy it on Android, we will have to wait for next year.

In addition to this payment version, which will give us access to all the contents, there will be a free version in which we can play the first three phases, and the first 20 seconds of the first final boss. A good idea for everyone to check the quality of the game, and see if it convinces you.

The bad news of Super Mario Run is that we will need to be connected to the internet to be able to enter and exit levels, in any of the modes. This in practical terms means that we will not be able to play in a place where we do not have an internet connection, like an airplane or in many subway lines with little or no coverage. It is something that we have been accustomed to free-to-play mobile games, but in a full price title, for which we are being asked to pay 10 euros, it seems a bad idea.