Galaga Wars – Retro Games Coming Back to the iOS and Android

35 years killing Martians. As time goes! I still remember when I was a kid and I was approaching some recreation rooms, from time to time I ran into some of these classic coin ops like Pac Man or Galaga. But I will not fool you. At that time I already seemed very old-fashioned, although once and again I was encouraged to take a game to know what these “dinosaurs” of video games offered. And the truth is that its simplicity always caught my attention, as well as how fast I spent time playing these classics. Hence, I suppose his popularity came.

In order to pay homage to this latest franchise, Galaga, Bandai Namco has designed a renewed and updated version for mobile systems (both iOS and Android) and named Galaga Wars. And despite the fact that it is a really enjoyable and challenging experience, it has a great drawback that ruins its charm: its annoying system of monetization.

In Galaga Wars we must immerse ourselves in a vertical shooter like those of yesteryear, at least in regard to its layout and operation, but also have introduced certain features that take advantage of the functionality of current mobile devices.

In this way the title is meant to be played with one hand, or with a finger if you hurry. The ship we control fires automatically and we only have to deal with its displacement, being necessary to use the touch screen to perform this task. And what if we lift the finger from the screen? Because the game pauses automatically, that simple.

Shooting with one hand

This management seems to me to be really accurate and very comfortable and, although the purists will not take too much into account with the fact of the autofire, the rest of users surely will even thank you for avoiding efforts. As we eliminate extraterrestrials of all kinds, including large final bosses, we collect both coins and different enhancers. What would a shooter be without the usual power ups? An incomplete party.

There are all types, from duplicators of the ship to support turrets or improvements in the cadence of the shots, being able to accumulate several of them to become true predators of the space. But despite that, it is not an easy title, given that the number of rivals that can get to appear on screen is very high … as well as their shots. The gameplay offered by the title is clearly very simple and direct, but it is well interpreted and, after all, it pays homage to a game that has been with us for more than 30 years.

What you notice, and much, is the evolution that has experienced in its graphical section. Far from being conservative and offering us the same aesthetic approach of three decades ago but somewhat improved, this is a very result and tremendously spectacular title, with very striking visual effects and completely three-dimensional designs that at least have convinced me fully.

With all this that I have explained so far and that looks really good, why the title carries the note that carries? Because I have had to penalize, on the one hand, its lack of depth, since in this facet ends up being a title a little “empty” … and its desperate system of monetization.

As I commented at the beginning, this completely defeats the title and becomes his nemesis. Galaga Wars is a free to play and we know what usually happens in this type of titles: frequent waits, obligation to have to visualize ads, etc. But it is that in this case everything has been taken to the extreme, to the point of touching almost ridiculous. And it’s a shame, because it ends up becoming unbearable … or that’s what has ended up happening to me.

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