HeartStone Heroes of Warcraft – Our take on the Game

Gadgetzan’s Mafia is the new expansion of Hearthstone, the Blizzard digital card game that has had rapid adoption on an international scale. A different genre with which he has risked and obtained a great following. Gadgetzan’s mafias becomes, thus, the fourth expansion of Hearthstone. The development team is able, once again, to innovate with daring mechanics and complicate a game originally designed to attract players with its simplicity. The letters, characters and stories expand within Hearthstone, as well as their possible combinations. In this BlizzCon we have discovered a great novelty: the triple class cards, which give an unexpected turn to the mechanics of gameplay.

The key to this expansion lies in its history. Three families dominate the scene in Gadgetzan and thanks to them we get up to 132 new cards. The criminals of Azeroth have taken shelter in the dark streets of Gadgetzan and a constant fight is lived by the dominion of the zone. What we find in Gadgetzan is a city full of opportunities, which are reflected in the different ways to play in this expansion.

Gadgetzan is under the dominion of three main factions. The Stuffy Bullies encompass hunters, paladins and warriors. The Lotus Killers, a family of spies and assassins who are planning something, but at first we do not know what they are involved, include shamans, druids and rogue. Finally, the Kabal Mana Eaters, spellers, have magicians, priests and sorcerers. When we start the game we must be careful to choose our allies well when it comes to creating the decks. Each family has different advantages, so the strategy, once again, will be a factor of relevance among players.

Some of the letters of these families that we have seen in this BlizzCon mix strategic elements with some comedians, to which, on the other hand, we are accustomed in this title. For example, in the case of the Ugly Bullies, we have a piranha spear that … actually is a kind of rocket that launches piranhas to the enemies. Kabal Talonpriest, on the other hand, grants three health points to an allied minion in the Kabal family of Mana Eaters. Finally, within the family of Lotus Assassins, we find the Lotus Assassin card, with which we gain secrecy points every time we finish with a minion.

The new element of the new expansion is the introduction of a special card that intermingles properties of each family, since it is not easy for the three clans to work together. It is a “tiple” class card, something never seen in Hearthstone that will lead to new ways of playing. So far, the letters belonged to one of two categories (class or neutral). In this sense, Blizzard breaks the established rules once again. In BlizzCon we find the Kazakus card, a crazy option that allows us to create a custom spell, if we do not have any duplicate cards in our deck. Another special letter presented by Blizzard is the Kabal Courier, which discovers a magician’s letter, priest or sorcerer. Each triple card includes elements of the three families, who in this way share resources. Each clan will have three cards of this type, for which we will have a total of nine triple cards.

Now the success of this new mechanic is in the hands of the players, who will have to redesign their decks and strategies, something that could face problems of adoption among the community at first.

Gadgetzan’s Mafia expansion will not be available until next month. We’ll find it on PC, iOS and Android. The cards can be purchased by exchanging them for gold in the game or through the arena mode. As an alternative option can be purchased for 44.99 euros. If you are eager to get hold of this expansion, you have the option to buy a special lot in advance, which includes 50 of the 132 cards.